Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I buy JooWI online?

You can buy directly from your JooWI a package in test time of JooWI Online.
Directly after login you will receive an appropriate notification window which you also with the buy link at right can open bottom.
On the homepage you find everywhere the opportunity to choose a package. The "Test now" function see from your email address automatically existing installations and offer the buy.

What are the fees for JooWI Online?

You incur during the trial period at no cost. You can always code for one of the JooWI three packages to choose:
JooWI Lifetime - one time 697,00 € plus tax
JooWI Flex - monthly 19,70 € plus tax
JooWI discount - yearly 187,00 € plus tax

How and when will the fees be paid for JooWI?

The fees for JooWI Online depend on your chosen JooWI package code:
JooWI Lifetime - one time fee
- JooWI Flex - monthly fee
- JooWI discount - yearly fee
You will of course receive invoices for your records, which with Transfer, instant Transfer, Click and Buy, SEPA direct debit or PayPal can be payed.

What happens after the 30 day trial, I must announce JooWI Online?

No, you have to think of a dismissal NOT!
After the 30 days JooWI Online is only disabled and further installed for another 30 days, you should choose one of the JooWI three packages to choose this code. You can then continue to work unchanged with your date.

How long is the notice period of JooWI Online?

Youcan cancel yourJooWI Onlinepackage as follows:
-JooWILifetime-no noticerequired
-JooWIFlex-4 weeks before theend of the month
-JooWIDiscount -4 weeks beforethe end ofthe annual time
Even after termination your data are still saved for 30 days, you should decide differently. Earlier deletion of data can be made any time on request free.

What do I need for the smooth operation of JooWI?

You canuseJooWIOnlinewithinternet-enabled devicessuch as computers,laptops, tablets or smartphones. Youare not tied toequipment, locationsoroperating systems. With a currentbrowser such asFirefox, Chrome, SafariorInternet Exploreraccessat any time convenienttoyour data.

Are my data safe in JooWI Online?

Safety is our number 1 in addition to a 256-bit encrypted transmission, are generated from your ordering your custom JooWI URL and a dynamic start key. JooWI also automatically detects your browser and the version and prompts, if a update is necessary.

Will my data be backed up?

All JooWI installations are automatically backed up every night. In addition, youcan alwaysinvest up to3backupsof your database.

Can I switch to a higher or lower package at any time?

You can always switch between the packagesJooWI FlexandJooWI Discount. The changewill take placeat no additional cost.

Can I edit the PDF expression?

You have in the company preferences at any time the opportunity to change the textual content of the PDF reports. A layout change is currently only possible by the developers. On the PDF export, the origin of JooWI Online is visible only in the document properties.

Can my existing data be transferred to JooWI Online??

Yes. Surely your existing program has an export function, eg as a CSV, XLS or TXT.
So that you can import the data by the support. Depending on the amount of data to be integrated, you will receive a quote.
Our experience has shown that the cost betw. 50 and 200 € plus VAT at once.

Can multiple people work simultaneously with JooWI?

Yes. Since JooWI based on the Joomla CMS, multiple users can work simultaneously with JooWI Online. Records are automatically locked for other users when a user opens it for editing.
Other users will be added for free from the support and can be associated with your employee applied.